Malibu Boxing offers in-home 1-on-1 private boxing sessions.

The Core of Malibu Boxing is to Give Back.


Not only do we want to bring beginner and intermediate boxing to the community, but we want to support children and adults in education and fitness. We do this through sponsorship, scholarship and volunteering.



We come to you!

Whether it's in your home or at a nearby park or beach, these one-on-one boxing sessions are available in Malibu, Calabasas, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Culver City, Brentwood, Venice and more.

In Malibu everything is top notch. Now you can also receive top notch personal training. The best part is we come to you. There's no longer an excuse to not get in the best shape of your life. Malibu Boxing can come to your home, office, out on the bluffs, the beach, or anywhere you feel like getting a great workout. If you're a surfer Malibu Boxing will get you in better shape to hit the waves. For an affordable rate, you'll get a professional trainer come right to your door. All sessions are 1 hour.

Why Boxing?

Boxing can simply be a means of getting yourself into great shape, and it may even be the single most effective way to get fit. It incorporates all aspects of fitness including muscular strength, muscular endurance, speed and coordination, and will allow you to feel better about yourself in a number of other ways, including inspiring confidence, giving you more determination, focus and patience. Whether you're a doctor, lawyer or stay at home mom, anybody can benefit from boxing training.

Getting Lean!

Boxing workouts allow you to burn off 450 to 1000 calories in one hour. It also helps maintain your heart rate at an optimal fat burning rate. When done consistently (5 times per week) you should see results after 3-6 weeks depending on your diet and current activity level. 3-6 weeks at 5 times per week seem daunting? Don't worry, our expert trainers will help motivate and keep you accountable!

The Workout!

Boxing training will use innovative variations of power punches, defense and a blend of fitness and aerobic exercises. You will learn the proper execution of defensive moves and punch combinations for a more intensive workout that can help you become stronger and more confident.

The combinations and boxing techniques will be dictated by our expert boxing trainers. You will perform the blocks, punches and techniques all on the hand pads as your trainer serves as an imaginary opponent.

Finally the last 10-15 min of the workout will use more conventional exercises to once again target muscle toning, fat melting and core strengthening.

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Boxing For Fitness

Boxing fitness training is an excellent way to get a great cardio workout. Boxing is considered by many to be one of the best exercises because of its ability to help condition the entire body in one workout. This sport improves the cardiovascular and endurance fitness of its participants by providing a high-intensity, 1000 calorie-burning routine that promotes optimal physical fitness. To participate in a boxing routine, you will need proper equipment, proper technique and a planned routine.

Testimonials & Referrals 

This is the best thing I have done to better my health and fitness in years! My trainer makes boxing fun and enjoyable. He’s very attentive, patient and encouraging. The one on one sessions are great and training outside is really refreshing too. I have a lower back injury and after just a couple sessions I can feel massive improvement, I hardly have any back pain and I’m able to do exercises that I haven’t been able to do for months! Love these workouts!
— Clare M.
Alex is a phenomenal trainer. I had experienced an injury from my previous boxing training so had stayed away from it. Alex has created an approach that’s both back to basics, varied to keep it fun and purposeful in avoiding future injury through body alignment techniques.
— Micah G.
It was so much fun that an hour went by like 20 min. Amazing job on keeping it easy and fun for a first timer. And I loved that it was on the beach!
— Iana K.
I worked with my trainer, one-on-one, after group boxing classes. He guided me through technique, new combos, how to block, catch & slip. Most of all, I liked his patience, attention to detail and high expectations. It was much better than working with heavy bags in a large cardio group setting.
— Zander C.
Alex was excellent teacher who helped me improve my boxing skills, including refining my technique. My goal during our sessions was to increase the intensity and complexity of my workouts and Alex did a great job challenging me to get to the next level. As a group fitness instructor myself, the benefits I gained translated into me becoming a better instructor for my own students.
— Tara W.