Testimonials & Referrals 

This is the best thing I have done to better my health and fitness in years! My trainer makes boxing fun and enjoyable. He’s very attentive, patient and encouraging. The one on one sessions are great and training outside is really refreshing too. I have a lower back injury and after just a couple sessions I can feel massive improvement, I hardly have any back pain and I’m able to do exercises that I haven’t been able to do for months! Love these workouts!
— Clare M.
Alex is a phenomenal trainer. I had experienced an injury from my previous boxing training so had stayed away from it. Alex has created an approach that’s both back to basics, varied to keep it fun and purposeful in avoiding future injury through body alignment techniques.
— Micah G.
It was so much fun that an hour went by like 20 min. Amazing job on keeping it easy and fun for a first timer. And I loved that it was on the beach!
— Iana K.
I worked with my trainer, one-on-one, after group boxing classes. He guided me through technique, new combos, how to block, catch & slip. Most of all, I liked his patience, attention to detail and high expectations. It was much better than working with heavy bags in a large cardio group setting.
— Zander C.
Alex was excellent teacher who helped me improve my boxing skills, including refining my technique. My goal during our sessions was to increase the intensity and complexity of my workouts and Alex did a great job challenging me to get to the next level. As a group fitness instructor myself, the benefits I gained translated into me becoming a better instructor for my own students.
— Tara W.